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Manufacturers And Exporters Of Cobalt Octoate (FRP Grade)

In FRP Grade, Cobalt Octoate is combination of two metals. Combined % of two metal is active metal present in Cobalt Octoate. These compounds are promoters used in the curing of polyester and vinyl ester resins with methyl ethyl ketone peroxide (MEKP) type catalysts. Promoters are also called accelerators. They can be added to the resin by the supplier, in which case the resin is said to be pre-promoted.

Alternatively, the manufacturer prior to adding catalyst to the resin can add promoters. The purpose of cobalt-based promoters is to speed up the curing reaction of polyester and vinyl ester resins and allow them to cure at room temperature. The cobalt-based promoter helps the catalyst to start the chemical reaction between the resin and styrene monomer and form a cured solid.

Other types of promoters are available, including Di Methyl Aniline (DMA). A combination of DMA and cobalt promoters can be used in conjunction with MEKP to give fast cure of polyester resins. The exact amount of promoter added to the resin will depend on the resin used, the temperature in the workshop and the gel time desired. Usually 0.1 to 1% (based on the mass of resin) of cobalt 6 ACLR type promoters is added. Promoters must never be mixed directly with catalyst since a violent explosive reaction results. This is why it is important to ensure all promoters are thoroughly mixed with the resin before adding the catalyst.

We also provide clear cast grade (CC) of Cobalt Octoate for FRP, which generally known as colorless cobalt, used where transparent cast is required.

Specification For Cobalt Octoate ACLR (For Unsaturated Polyester Resin)

Active Metal % of Solid @
120°C/Hr +/- 3
Density @30°C
+/- 0.03
@ 30°C +/- 2
ACLR 2 2.2 12 0.88 11
ACLR 3 3.4 20 0.90 12
ACLR 6 6.8 35 0.92 15
ACLR 10 10.5 55 1.02 OPEN
ACLR 12 12.6 73 1.030 OPEN
ACLR 10CC 8.6 52 0.98 16
ACLR CC 5.26 32 0.92 12
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